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We spend most of the 24 hours a day offers in our homes. It is where we eat, sleep and do other basic things. Thus, it is popular opinion that the home should be well furnished with the necessary and adequate equipment and gadgets.

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Advancements in technology has brought thousands of cool gadgets. These gadgets not only beautify the home but have also made life easier. The quick solutions they offer to many long processes have made them "must-haves" in homes nowadays. Yet, there are some real cool smart home gadgets you probably know nothing of. Here are some of them:

1. Robotic alarm clocks

In need of an alarm that will outsmart you and wake you up in a heartbeat? Look no further! This gadget is your best bet. The minute it rings, it runs around the room, disrupting your sleep. You must run around with it before you can stop the ring.

2. Bluetooth Sunglasses

This is another best smart home tech product that can be presented as a gift to a man of any age. It makes a man look sharp in its shades with an inalienable Bluetooth headset. No man needs to look like an advanced and this sans hands structure has a combination of shapes, which fuse little earpiece traces while offering protection from sun and glare. They are great with standard Bluetooth arranged phones and give a great and smart look. Click here for bluehost vs hostgator

4. Smart faucet

It is possible you have seen this but never knew the name. This tap is capable of helping you save gallons of water in a year. It comes on when your hands are underneath it and goes off the minute your hands leave. You don't have to worry about your kids wasting water anymore with this smart home tech.

5. Take good care of your teeth

* Best Electronic Toothbrushes for Fresh Breath & Whiter Teeth

✔ Using the electric toothbrush is the best way to ensure you brush your teeth for the standard time of two minutes as advocated by the Academy of General Dentistry. This might not be achievable with the manual toothbrush, but the electric models come with timers to ensure this time frame is achieved.

✔ The reason the electric toothbrush is so effective in removing stains from the teeth is because it has the capacity to make 3,000 rotations per minute and you can get 40,000 strokes per minute. This is enough brushing to get rid of all unwanted matter off your teeth.

It is wonderful to know that just a few minutes spent brushing the teeth can have such remarkable effects on our dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily and regularly flossing will effectively prevent the buildup of plaque and eliminate bad breath. This should be complemented by regular visits to the dentist for professional dental assessment.

Now that you know and for best results - you can further read Best Tips on getting an ideal toothbrush for you and your loved ones

6. Solar-powered path light

Solar powered path lights can be used to light up your home and surroundings. If the garden seems a bit too dark for your liking, purchase this smart gadget and watch your path light up as you work.

7. Smart body analyser

Everyone would fancy a device that count the number of steps you take, tell your weight, heartbeat rate among other things by simply wearing it like you do a wristwatch. Smart body analyser is equipped with the required technology to measure body fat percentage, heart rate, room air quality and much more. You can also set goals and sync the device with your mobile devices.

8. Thermostat

Programmable thermostats abound today. You can condition this device the way you want your house to be ideally. So, the thermostat can learn when you want your home to be warm or cold.

9. Weather Station

The smart weather station gadget consistently gives accurate weather readings at any time. You can therefore know when to step out and when not to.

10. iKettle

With this piece of smart home technology, you can easily warm water on schedule, even while you are away. You no longer have to worry about feeling groggy when you wake up because this gadget can have hot water ready for you.

11. Wi-Fi Doorbell with motion sensor

A Wi-Fi doorbell takes things a step higher than your normal doorbell. With this gadget, you will know who is at your door even when you are not home. Also, if someone is at your door and does not ring the bell, the motion sensor alerts you. This is a great home Security System Reviews gadget.

12. Robotic vacuum cleaners

With this, you no longer must worry about emptying the dustbin when you use your vacuum cleaner. This robotic model automatically does the work itself. Again, it can clean any floor type.

13. Bediator

This smart home tech functions like a radiator. For those who experience extreme cold during the winter season, Bediator provides the ideal room temperature, helping you save on energy bills.

14. Wireless speakers

For music lovers, this is one gadget you must have. These speakers stand alone and can be controlled from your smartphone device. Press play and watch your music blare out!

15. Book light

We all have that roommate that dislikes seeing rays of light when he or she is trying to sleep. This innovation provides you the opportunity to read your book discreetly. Just clip this gadget to your book without troubling anyone else.

16. Touchless toilet flush kit

This is one invention many people will rave about soon. Rather than pulling the handle on your toilet repeatedly before it flushes, all it will take with this home tech is just a wave of the hand. It is easy to use and to install as well.

17. Smart light switch

Many people complain of the huge electricity bills they must pay. The smart light switch enables you to control the lights in your home from an internet-connected device. You can switch off all your lights whilst still in the garage.

18. Air purifier

Everyone wants their home smelling fresh and clean. Air purifier helps to maintain the right humidity in the room as well as get rid of bad odours. Simply plug in with a USB cable and watch it do its magic. High quality air is assured.

Smart home techs have made life easier. All you have to do is choose the ones you need. The beauty of them is that some are not even expensive. Try them out for yourself and see how easy life could be.

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