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13 Faces Everyone Who's Had Money Riding On A Game Will Recognize

Money on the game isn't just fun for you and the crew; it also brings jobs and revenue to your community!

1. When you hit the jackpot but no one's around to see it.

2. When you're 100% certain about the bet you placed on your team...

3. ...and that team completely torpedoes your confidence in the first quarter.

4. When you realize you bet the over-under just right on that game so it totally paid off anyway!

5. When you thought you had the best hand at the poker table but you didn't have the best hand at the poker table.

6. When you bet Red 32 in roulette and the ball lands on the green JUST TO THE LEFT OF RED 32.

7. When you're intrigued by a game like baccarat but it looks complicated and you don't know how to play.

8. When you decide to try baccarat anyway...

9. ...and suddenly you're killing at baccarat.

10. When you have 16 in blackjack and you're not sure whether you should hit or stay...

11. ...and you stay. Then the dealer busts...

12. ...and your overconfidence leads you to hit on 18 on the next hand. And you bust. Of course.

13. When you leave the casino up for the night and feeling good.

Casino gaming, including sports betting, doesn’t just excite casino visitors — it also excites your local economy by bringing jobs, tourism, and tax revenue to your community. Learn more at Get to Know Gaming and Sports Betting in America.