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25 Eggcellent Ways To Cook With Eggs

Don't put all your eggs in one recipe basket.

1. Eggs are the perfect topper for the most millennial dish known to man: avocado toast.

2. You can even use the avocado shell as a vessel for this keto-friendly bake.

3. Creamy pasta is just an egg away.

4. Or make the eggs the star of your pasta dish with these delicious egg noodles.

5. Three-ingredient pancakes will become your new breakfast staple.

6. Or go the savoury pancake route at dinnertime.

7. Create an eggceptional Benedict.

8. A perfectly fried egg is possible!

9. A classic Caesar salad topped with eggs? Mind blown.

10. If you're feeling ambitious, try these toffee meringue kisses.

11. Turn some eggs into a salad and put it in a sandwich.

12. πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

13. Your feed will be craving cloud eggs.

14. Make PB&J extra portable.

15. Save $$ on delivery fees.

16. And while you're at it, try switching up your morning routine with a homemade breakfast sandwich.

17. Snack on something healthy.

18. Or dip your bread soldiers.

19. Have you ever egged up your poutine?

20. We're picturing ourselves on a beach in Mexico eating this.

21. Take on Meatless Monday.

22. Eggs can also be a versatile side dish.

23. Will you zoodle these noodles?

24. Get party-ready with these elegant canapΓ©s.


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