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Do Crest White Strips Work?

You may have seen a few ads for these over time. crest white strips are strips that claim they can whiten your teeth. Now our might think “hey, I don’t have to visit my Eagle Rock dentist if I use these.” Well, you also might wonder if they work period. The simple answer, is they do, but they don’t whiten the teeth the best. This article will give you more information on how they work, and why they might or might not be the best option for whitening teeth.

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The first thing to wonder is how they work. Essentially, they’re small plastics called polyethylene. These strips are coated in a whitening gel and contain both hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide peroxide.

Now, this might seem like a bunch of gobbledygook to you, but there are a few problems with this. The first problem with this is that it causes gum damage. The reactions that you get form whitening do damage your gums. You need to make sure they don’t touch your gums. While this is hard to do it is possible. You can cut the strips so that they don’t overlap, and so they should only touch your teeth.

You might also get yellow spots as well. Remember, your teeth are three dimensional, but the strips only fit one dimension, which creates problems when trying to get the results you desire. You can’t really get in between the teeth, or even on the curved bottoms, unless you want to risk hurting your gums, so you might end up getting the situation where you have a white tooth in the center, but it’s not where the tooth curves or the edges, and instead it’s yellow or gray. This actually becomes even more pronounced with the white strips over any other whitening system, and the difference is a lot more.

Along with that, there is tooth damage that can happen too. If you don’t have a dentist watching your tooth whitening treatment, it can be overdone and damage the teeth. Teeth aren’t like nails and hair, where if you color it, it doesn’t really do much damage except maybe at the roots. Teeth can break if they aren’t taken care of, and they often lose their function, including creating a sensitivity to foods. You should see your dentist for checkups yes, and make sure that you don’t have any gum disease or cavities before you start to use the strips.

Essentially, these do work, yes, but they’re not the best option. You can get a few shades of color difference with each of these, but at the price of it looking uneven, causing a lot of damage to the gums, and also causing tooth issues. Another big thing with this is that with these white strips, they do also have a set amount of whitening gel inside of each of these. For some people, this can prove to be too strong and cause damage to the tooth, such as gum disease and cavities. For others as well, it might actually not be enough, and you won’t get a result from this. It also doesn’t get as many shades whiter as you would like to get them, and for some, that is the main reason why they don’t use the white strips, and instead, they try to use other whitening options.

At the end of the day, you’re the one who is taking care of your teeth. If you feel comfortable with using the white strips, just remember that you should see your Eagle Rock dentist before you begin, for they can find any problems that might be there. Along with that, be safe with your dental actions and such. Make sure that your teeth are fitted for this, and cut the strips if you do choose to use this way. If you don’t feel like using these, remember that there are other methods as well, and other methods that prove to be much better, and way easier on your teeth than these strips are. Figure out what you want to do first, and choose the option that is safest for your teeth, and one that you know gets results.

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