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What's All This Fuss About? FT. Margo Robbie

You have heard her name, we've head the talk. It's about time we got to know her a little better.

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Age: Not important.

Occupation: Being one of Hollywood's most sought after rising stars.

Known for: Neighbours (TV Show), Wolf of Wall Street, Focus and of course … for making Harley Quinn come to life in Suicide Squad.

Current trademark: Being able to turn that gorgeous Aussie accent in to a strong New Yorker. She had many fooled. Apparently all you have to do is pretend you are talking with you nails still wet and you are hands moving around everywhere. She has demonstrated this method, totally works.

Obsession: Harry Potter, like next level love for the Wizard and his minions … sorry friends.

Fun Fact: She can tattoo. Though she claims she isn't very good at it, who the hell would yell at Margo if it's bad. No story ends with 'Margo Robbie tattooed me, I regret it.' Nope never.

That cool friend: Cara 'I am good at literally everything' Delevingne. Yep they hang out, they text, they probably have pyjama parties together. My invite has been lost somewhere in the post, I blame royal mail, they seem to ruin everything, email ruined their lives.

Neighbours fans among us will recognise Margo from her stint as Donna Brown, widow of Ringo Brown who was tragically killed by Steph Scully. Margo sent shockwaves through fans and producers when she decided to leave and pursue her dreams in Hollywood.

Though she hit a few bumps in the road early on with Pan Am taking limited screen time it was her role in Wolf of Wall Street which plummeted her in to our hearts and minds. A successful film with worldwide critical acclaim, it turned out to be a pivotal moment which led to her being asked to play Harley Quinn.

Yes Harley Quinn, you'd be hard pushed to find someone who doesn't know about this infamous character. The love interest of The Joker, the former physiatrist of the Arkham Asylum and the most notorious victim of domestic abuse. Many have miss understood their relationship as love whereas others have quite rightly identified it for what it is, torture. Margo brought this character to life, created a worldwide buzz and sent fans and critics alike alight with her portrayal. So pathing the way for what is now … one of Hollywood's finest rising stars.

With a rare mix of talent and beauty, Margo is soon going to find herself within Hollywood's elite. The stench of an Oscar nomination in the next five years is palpable though she has stated her desire isn't for critical acclaim it is entertainment. Well she sure is modest for a lady with such vast acting abilities.

Another fun fact because … well just because: Margo is a trained trapeze artist. Those scenes in Suicide Squad. That was her.

Oh and she makes us want to buy Calvin Klein perfume. I call that winning.

Other movies you can catch her in:
The Legend of Tarzan and Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot.

PST … There is another film featuring Harley Quinn in the works. Untitled … but exciting!

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