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    10 Environmental Movies To Watch This Earth Day

    It's the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and Georgia Tech is celebrating! Sarah Neville and Emma Brodzik, Earth Day co-chairs, share 10 movies to watch this Earth Day.

    10. Chasing Coral

    Chasing Coral Film / Via

    Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. Divers, photographers and scientists set out on an ocean adventure to discover why the reefs are disappearing and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.

    Sarah says, "This movie is hard to watch. It really is upsetting to see how much climate change has impacted our coral. It is also an important watch. We can't see coral on a day to day basis and it is far too easy to ignore the problem that is unfolding in front of us."

    Where to Stream - Netflix

    9. The Martian

    The Martian / Via

    When astronauts blast off from the planet Mars, they leave behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon), presumed dead after a fierce storm. With only a meager amount of supplies, the stranded visitor must utilize his wits and spirit to find a way to survive on the hostile planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth, members of NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home, while his crew mates hatch their own plan for a daring rescue mission. - Google Summary

    Sarah says, "The best part of the movie is that Matt Damon makes fertilizer utilizing his own waste! That may have seen absurd at first view but now we are actually doing that with our composting toilet system in the Kendeda Building for innovative Sustainable Design."

    Where to Stream - Hulu

    8. The Biggest Little Farm

    The Biggest Little Farm / Via

    A couple are followed through their successes and failures as they work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles. Over the years, the desolate they purchase begins to thrive and its transformed.

    Sarah says, "This movie makes me want to drop everything and start a farm -although it shows just how hard it is to grow food in a sustainable way. The movie is hopeful, funny, and heart breaking. Also, I relate to anyone who loves their dog as much as these folks do!"

    Where to Stream – Hulu

    7. Plastic Wars

    Plastic Wars / Via

    An in-depth look at the history of recycling in the United States. How the chemical industry is tied to oil and promoting recycling as the answer, rather than reuse and reduction. Plastic Wars goes back to previous environmental movements and notes the use of advertisement and funding to answer the same issue time and time again.

    Emma says, "I really enjoyed this piece, as it points out the issue of industry writing the narrative of how single-use plastics should be managed. We need to listen to those who recycling plastic to understand what is working and on a broad scale ban plastics that cannot be recycled, as well as, do more to reduce the overall production of single-use items."

    Where to Stream - Here

    6. Forks Over Knives

    Forks Over Knives / Via

    Researchers explore the possibility that people changing their diets from animal-based to plant-based can help eliminate or control diseases like cancer and diabetes.

    Emma says, "Adds a more reality TV angle by showing the impact of a plant-based diet on individuals changing to a vegan diet. I really enjoyed seeing the transformation of each person with the use of a plant-based diet. Lessening our dependence on animal products is not only good the environment, but also our health. I am now more conscious of what I eat, especially when cooking at home."

    Where to Stream - Netflix

    5. The Day After Tomorrow

    The Day After Tomorrow / Via

    After climatologist Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) is largely ignored by U.N. officials when presenting his environmental concerns, his research proves true when an enormous "superstorm" develops, setting off catastrophic natural disasters throughout the world. Trying to get to his son, Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal), who is trapped in New York with his friend Laura (Emmy Rossum) and others, Jack and his crew must travel by foot from Philadelphia, braving the elements, to get to Sam before it's too late.

    Sarah says, "In undergrad, my atmospheric science professor spent an entire class discussing the many ways in which this movie is scientifically inaccurate. Facts aside, what is not to like about an action movie where a climatologist is the hero."

    Where to Stream - Hulu & HBO

    4. True Cost

    True Cost / Via

    Filmmaker Andrew Morgan travels around the globe to see the people who make clothes for the worlds fashion.

    Emma says, "After watching this I definitely made changes to the brands I buy and it is always in the back of my mind when I am shopping."

    Where to Stream - Here or Netflix

    3. Fern Guly

    Ferngully / Via

    Crysta (Samantha Mathis) is a fairy who lives in FernGully, a rainforest in Australia, and has never seen a human before. In fact, she is told they are extinct. But when a logging company comes near the rainforest, she sees that they do exist, and even accidentally shrinks one of them: a boy named Zak (Jonathan Ward). Now her size, Zak sees the damage that the company does and helps Crysta to stop not only them, but an evil entity named Hexxus (Tim Curry), who feeds off pollution.

    Sarah says, "This movie was my introduction to environmentalism. The 90s were a great time to be a kid. Does anyone else remember the Earth Day t-shirts our schools would sell each year? Or home town hero Captain Planet?"

    Where to Stream - Hulu

    2. Gasland

    Gasland / Via

    Highlights the environmental and health implications of hydraulic fracturing aka fracking for natural gas. The film is started by Josh Fox when he is offered a large sum of money by an oil and gas company to survey his land for potential resources. Curious about what will happen to his property, he embarks on a journey that exposes rampant health problems, deteriorating water quality, and an extreme lack of regulation on mining for the natural gas with this aggressive method.

    Emma says, "Gasland shows the impact of industry on our natural spaces and most importantly health and wellbeing. While certain natural resources have a lower carbon footprint, we must think about all of the implications in obtaining these resources to truly protect the environment."

    Where to Stream - Here

    1. An Inconvenient Truth

    An Inconvenient Truth / Via

    Oscar-winning documentary about the environment featuring the unlikeliest of movie stars. Former presidential candidate Al Gore holds this film together as, in front of an audience and with few aids beyond photo slides, he explains how humans have messed up the planet. Gore issues an urgent warning on what must be done, and done quickly, to save the earth.

    Sarah says, "Okay this isn't streaming anywhere but this movie is the O.G. of environmental films and an absolute must watch!"

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