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Which GAL Are You?

We are the Jodi Cropped Slit Flares.

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  1. What's your favorite type of underwear?

    Thinx absorbant panties
    Thinx absorbant panties
  2. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

    Depends on who I'm trying to impress ;)
    2 hours because I'm "effortless"
    -12 minutes because you did your makeup the night before
  3. What type of mom are you?

    The pack-your-snacks soccer mom
    The "cool" mom
    The PA mom
  4. What does your camera roll look like?

    Videos saved from snapchat of you being a derp
    Embarrassing selfies you wish your friends hadn't seen
    "Artséy" photos that "should be in a portfolio"
  5. What's going on in your love life?

    LOL nothing... jk you had a boyfriend for all of 8 hours, or at leas that is what he said, when you only agreed to him ASKING you out on a date!!
    You're being schemed, but you're too much of a nervous wreck to do anything about it
    Your love life mostly takes place behind shower houses . . . steamy
  6. What is your best feature?

    Your collar bones
    Your post surgery nose
    Your large . . . PERSONALITITTIES
  7. Describe your sibling, in a nutshell.

    A mix between alfalfa and pokémon go. . . but somehow in a relationship?!?!?!
    The golden child
    They're more liked than you. . . by your best friends
  8. What are you like on your period?

    It's hard to tell . . . you're always on it
    A total mess, but what's the difference?
    You feel bloated, and you make sure everyone knows it
  9. What are you like when you're shopping?

    Don't joke, this is a mission.
    Grab everything, you're a model, this is your stage
    You prefer shopping online because it's too stressful in person
  10. What's your ideal boyfriend?

    Pax Meponis. . . whoever that is. . .
    A certain scandinavian
    4th graders with minimal eyebrows
  11. What is your beverage of preference?

    Pellegrino because I'm proper af
    Pellegrino because I like to get TURNT
    Pellegrino because Soda Stream ruined my computer
  12. How do you text?

    I don't text because for some reason, my phone just always happens to be on do not disturb when people despritely need to contact me.
    4 times. In a row. To say one thing. And then say it again. In bigger words.
  13. How many times a day do you pee?

    I'm peeing right now
    Not gonna brag, but I've gone 3 days without the porcelain throne
    I hold it in because I have major FOMO
  14. What kind of pajamas do you wear?

    I'm captain underpants
    I wear ~sexy~ nightgowns
    Booty shorts because its 'comfortable'
    Butt naked
  15. How do you refuse alcohol (#pugznotdrugz)?

    Pretend you're drunk on that Pellegrino you had earlier
    Lick a Pellegrino bottle in a weirdly sexual way and hope they walk away. . . or stay
    Walk around with a Pellegrino in each hand and drink it really quickly whenever someone questions your method
  16. Who do you identify most with?

    Ariana "I need to stop dabbing" Blaustein
    Lindsay "I'm dangerous cuz I was 1 minute late to English" Falk
    Georgia "I'm finally getting my life together" Davis

Which GAL Are You?

You got: Lindsay

You got Lindsay! Congratulations, kind of. You're a stellar student, minus french, and you have a lot of killer friends. You're dating Theo Strauss, and you two are in a very healthy relationship! You pretend to be a lot more stressed than you actually are, don't worry, you have your shit together. You are obsessed with all moisturizers and chapsticks, you will never be dry, and NEITHER WILL YOUR PERSONALITY!!

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You got: Ariana

Looks like you're Ariana. I'm sorry for your loss. You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to authority, specifically certain science and language teachers. You have serious FOMO, and this makes the bathroom difficult for you, but you manage. You like to think you have the superior sense of humor, but we all know Kalea is the favorite not only of your family but of the world. You're the only person to live past 10 who only listens to disney music, but your friends love you anyway. Even if you have some relationship trouble at the moment, your sexual fantasies about Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid will make do.

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You got: Georgia

Congrats you got Georgia Davis. I gotta tell you, you're a complete nut head. You get stressed over nothing and refuse to help yourself out. Seriously, chill. Unfortunately for you, you care so much that you can never achieve that Piper level of effortlessness that you strive so hard for in your Snapchat stories. Deep down your a really great person and friend but on the outside, you like to judge people, and it is an intense sport. You love and support your friends endlessly, and you take shopping really seriously. Like, really seriously. Your dancing is the epitome of white person dancing, and you legitimately think that Pellegrino is alcoholic. You think you're alternative when you wear your glasses and shark bite jeans which is kinda funny because you have no idea how to be not uptight. ILY <3

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You got: OTHER
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