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7 Cool Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

Along with the technology itself, the manufacturers of the technology also introduce variously. The people can use these gadgets to use the technology much smoothly and efficiently. There are many advantages that you can avail by purchasing these devices. You can also use the gadgets as gifts to your tech lover friends.

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1. Quad Lock Bike Mount / Via

For people who have friends that love bicycling, the quad lock bike mount is the best gift. The bike mount can hold the Android device firmly and will help you to keep your cell in front of your while you ride your bicycle. It can be a great gift for your cyclist friends.

2. Portable Charger

The portable chargers are a useful gadget these days, people who remain outside homes most of the times and can’t etch out time to recharge their phones can use the portable charger. These chargers are a great gift to people who have busy routine outside the house. You friends wouldn't miss any important notifications if their phone battery charged.

3. Bluetooth Tracking Tag / Via

Within your circle of friends, you would have some friends that are forgetful of their stuff. For such people, the Bluetooth tracking tags are very useful. The friends will find it easier to see their lost stuff. The device can be attached to several items such as keys, zips, cell phones, etc.

4. Misfit Ray

Instead of using multiple devices you can use one device that can perform the function of multiple devices. The misfit Ray is a slim, smart bracelet that your friends can wear quickly. The wearable tech can track steps, calories, distance, and can also record your sleep patterns. IT has a non-rechargeable battery, but the battery can last up to 6 months or so.

5. Plush Texting Gloves

The plush texting gloves are a great gadget for the winter season; you can text quickly with your gloves on.

7. Cookbook Tablet Stand

For your chef friends who love to stay in the kitchen and mix different recipes, the cookbook tablet stand is an excellent gift. IT helps in keeping the tablet in one place, and you can watch it easily while you are cooking. You don’t have to pick up your tablet every time to look at it. Just leave it on the stand and perform all the work you need to do.

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