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The A To Z Guide Of Things Grandparents Will Never Understand

Slang is hard. But conversations don't have to be. Have "the talk" and start planning your financial future today with Genworth.

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"It's when a picture moves on the screen, and they serve as a way of expressing your feelings, but there are also many other forms and stuff. You know what, let's just look at the family photo album again."

H — Hashtag


"After someone posts a picture they use hashtags so, like, more people can find them, but they also use hashtags ironically. I don't know. It's complicated. Let's just have a cup of tea."

I — Instagram

"It's for posting very important pictures, and our lives would seriously be meaningless if it weren't for Insta."

K — Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game

"It's OK, Grandma Shirley, let's just play Scattergories and call it a night."

O — One Direction Infection


"You see, Grams, it's a very serious ailment that's spreading widely among tweens. They're fainting by the millisecond, and I'm sure maybe you experienced similar conditions when Elvis was emerging. Grandpa will never get it though."

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