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10 Fantasy Family Vacations You Can Take In The Backyard

Want to get away, but need to save money? Just use a little imagination, and you'll be delighted at the magical outcome. Imagination can also help you have "the talk" with your family about long term care planning.

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1. Hike the Adirondacks.


Clear a path in the woods and go for a mini hike, exploring the unique world of mother nature. Pack backpacks and a lunch, then picnic while you're out there. Don't forget the walking sticks!

2. Navigate through Treasure Island.

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Bury treasures in the yard, then create a treasure map that goes all around your home before leading your kids to the X, then dig away. Don't forget the stuffed parrot!

4. Deep-sea dive in the Pacific Ocean.

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Toss a variety of change at the bottom of the pool for the kids to see how much money they can scoop up. Don't forget the snorkel!

5. Camp at Yellowstone National Park.

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Set up shop in the backyard and spend the evening with the kids camping in the tent. Make it a rule that you're not allowed to go inside for anything (except bathroom breaks, of course). Don't forget the s'mores!

Hiking in the woods, hanging in the backyard, or having coffee? It doesn't matter where you have "the talk" about long term care planning. It's just important that you have the conversation.