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How Jim Are You?

We know you've been wondering.

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  1. Have you ever...

    worn a popped collar?
    worn a shirt with holes in it?
    worn the same loafers for 40 years?
    ordered a Bass at dinner?
    sent back your beer because it wasn't cold enough?
    sent back your pizza because it wasn't good enough?
    cried over pizza?
    made up names for foods? (exs include, mac and jac, candy beans)
    made the best red sauce in the world?
    yelled at a child?
    told a five year old they were an "instigator"?
    played golf?
    been afflicted with gout?
    exclaimed, "MOTHER BEAR"?
    watched college basketball?
    screamed at the tv while watching said basketball?
    dated two women with the same name?
    exclusively dated blondes?
    made your meat RARE?
    traveled to Lake Como?
    enjoyed a blueberry muffin in Maine?
    made a sick burn about Cheryl Cifelli?
    referred to gay marriage as "not marriage"?
    named your Porsche?
    whistled literally all the time?
    made up songs literally all the time?
    sung songs in the shower?
    hated the song "Spirit in the Sky"?
    belted beautifully to "On the Street Where You Live" and "Lida Rose"?
    used the top of a lemonade bottle as a ring?
    had a friend called Bear?
    had a friend called Woot?
    started a debate just because you can?
    asked a a question you know the answer to?
    recently become more accommadating and loving because you realized your daughters are badasses who don't subscribe to patriarchal systems?

How Jim Are You?

Wow! Your interests seem to clash with Jimmy's. You must be one of his ex wives, or literally anyone else in the world.

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You must be one of his daughters. Keep doin' ya thing.

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