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17 Things We All Remember About Doing Workout Videos

It was just you, the screen, and destiny. Reminisce about your most glorious workouts, and help boost your energy today with Cheerios power-packed oats.

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1. Rearranging an entire room for a 30-minute workout.


Every room has gym potential, as long as the door locks.

2. Choosing an outfit that is on point.


Pants bedazzled. Pants also optional.

3. Stretching on the floor and feeling weird about it.


Does sweat come out of the carpet?

4. Punching air and feeling GREAT about it.


Punch those problems away.

5. Incorporating your pet. Or child. / Via

When in Rome / When at home.

6. Fast-forwarding through the super-difficult part.


It's best always to opt for "low intensity."

7. And then slowing it down, because you "didn't hear the instructions correctly."


AKA tired.

8. Adding a little extra flair to the routine because you're worth it.

CTV / Via

And because no one else is looking, so it's your time to shine.

9. Using household items as weights.


And using your dining room chair as a dips bench.

10. Literally having no idea what's happening onscreen.


"I'm lost."

11. Checking yourself in the mirror.


Or reflection in the screen.

12. Having a full-blown panic attack when someone walks in.


*Acts like I'm cleaning*

13. And then getting territorial when they want to participate as well.


"It might be hard for a beginner."

14. Being impressed / appalled by the instructor's endurance.

20th Television / Via

Also, following the onscreen tensions between instructors and assistants.

15. Yelling at the screen when you just can't.


"No, Jillian! NO."

16. Approaching the final minute and feeling like a god.


"Look at me now!"

17. And being unable to get the soundtrack out of your head for days.


Until next week.

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