Timeless GE Ads Through The Years

When you’ve been around for 120 years, big innovations become a pretty standard business practice, and nobody does innovation quite as well as General Electric. Take a look at the progress GE has made with their appliances over the years.

2. 1913 GE Mazda Lamp

3. GE Electricity For The Country Home In 1910

5. GE's 1917 Achievement Ad

6. 1918 Ad For GE Edison Mazda Bulb

7. 1920 GE Ad For The Arc Welding Furnace, Lead Burner, And The Melting Pot

9. GE Fan From 1928

10. The Original GE Monitor Top Refrigerator From 1929

11. GE 1929 Steel-Refrigerator Ad

13. GE Sunlamps In 1938

14. The Various GE Kitchen Appliances Of 1938

15. GE Mazda Lamps Light Bulbs Of The 1940s

17. 1946 GE Vacuum Cleaners

18. The GE Black-Daylight Television Of The 1950s

19. GE's No "Pot-Watching" Stove Of 1953

20. GE Hi-Fi Radio Of 1956

22. The New And Improved GE Dishwasher Of 1957

23. GE's 1960s Danish Style Television

24. 1962 GE Stove Range

25. GE High Fidelity Color Television Sets Of 1963

26. The GE Spacemaker of 1966

28. GE's Fluorescent Lamps Of 1973


30. 1980 GE TOAST-R-OVEN

31. GE CFM56 Aircraft Engine Maintenance Center Ad In 1985

33. GE Sanyo Batteries Ad From 1994 (And yes, those are pogs.)

35. GE's 2001 Solar Energy Campaign

36. GE Light Bulbs 2003

38. “Imagination at Work” Campaign For The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

40. GE's 2008 Ecomagination Campaign

Via ge.com

GE’s Ecomagination campaign focuses on the concept of a “blueprint for a better world”, covering water, solar power, home, wind power, and cleaner coal.

43. GE 2009 "American Renewal" Campaign

Via ge.com

GE’s American Renewal campaign focused on manufacturing in the United States and the people creating today’s innovations.

44. GE's Ecomagination Campaign of 2010

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