The 12 Most Creative Drawings From Inventors’ Day On DrawQuest

DrawQuest is a new game for iPad, and on Inventors’ Day, it challenged its users to help Edison invent something new. Here are a few of the most imaginative and outrageous drawings from the challenge!

On Inventors’ Day, DrawQuest asked its users to help Thomas Edison make a new invention. Here’s what they were given:

And here’s what they came up with:

1. The Auto-Litterbox

Kiss that scooper goodbye! No wait, actually, don’t kiss it. Gross.

2. Cake

The cake is a lie.

3. DaVinci

We always knew DaVinci could predict the future.

4. The Enlightotron

Finally, something to do with all those leftover smart devices.

5. Liberty Bot

All your idea belong to us.

6. The Perpetual Motion Machine

It doesn’t do much or make total sense physically, but it sure does look cool!

7. Robot Disguise

No wonder Edison understood machines so well. HE WAS ONE OF THEM.

8. Spaghetti Shooter

Food fights will never be the same.

9. Submarine Sandwich

For those who like things literal, it’s an underwater bread-meat-and-cheese tower.

10. The Matrix


11. The Wheel

Unfortunately, Ugh forget patent, and Blarg also invent wheel.

12. Video Games

If only Edison was alive to enjoy the pure genius of Super Smash Brothers.

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