Rub Your Way Through History With GE Rubbable Gifs

What’s more nostalgic than old school technology? So take a look at some true classics, presented in rubbable gif form.

1. 1920s: GE 12” Oscillating Table Fan

2. 1930s: GE Monitor Top Stove

3. 1940s: GE Swivel-Top Vacuum Cleaner

4. 1950s: GE Refrigerator And Freezer

5. 1960s: GE Hair Dryer

6. 1970s: GE Blowdryer

7. 1970s: GE Portable Tape Recorder

8. 1970s: GE Scale

9. 1970s: GE Dishwasher

10. 1980s: GE Electric Lightbulbs

11. 1990s: GE Refrigerator

12. Present Day: GE Wind Turbine

13. Present Day: GE Jet Engine

14. Present Day: Robotic Arm

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