Quiz: Real Life Or Miniature Model?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell thanks to tilt-shift, a photo technique that makes big things look small. See if you can figure out how many photos are from real life and how many are from Datalandia, the small town saved by big data.

  1. 1. Actual Aircraft or Pint-sized Plane?
    1. Actual aircraft—this plane is real.
    2. Pint-sized—this plane is fake.
  2. 2. All aboard or all fake?
    1. All aboard—these trains are definitely real.
    2. All fake—no way these trains are real.
  3. 3. Prepare for takeoff or prepare for toddlers?
    1. Takeoff—this is a real airport.
    2. Toddlers—this is not a real airport.
  4. 4. Breaking ground or breaking plastic?
    1. Breaking ground—these bulldozers are real.
    2. Breaking plastic—these bulldozers are fake.
  5. 5. Downtown or diorama?
    1. Downtown—this is a real city.
    2. Diorama—this is not a real city.
  6. 6. Real ride or real toy?
    1. Ride—this is a real ferris wheel.
    2. Toy—this ferris wheel is fake.
  7. 7. Mansion or miniature?
    1. Mansion—this house is real.
    2. Miniature—this house is not real.
  8. 8. True terminal or true model?
    1. True terminal—this is real.
    2. True model—this is fake.
  9. 9. Center for doctors or center for ants?
    1. Doctors—this is a real hospital.
    2. Ants—this is not a real hospital.
  10. 10. Football or Foosball?
    1. Football—this is a real stadium
    2. Fooseball—this stadium is fake.
  11. 11. True tracks or tiny trains?
    1. True tracks—this train station is real.
    2. Tiny trains: this train station is not real.
  12. 12. Wind powered or glue powered?
    1. Wind powered—these wind turbines are real.
    2. Glue powered—these wind turbines are not real.

2. Believe it or not, all of these dioramas are from the same place.

Welcome to Datalandia, the little town saved by big data.

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