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16 Amazing Things You'll See At An Air Show

If you're interested in new aviation technology, or if you just love watching planes take flight, air shows are the place to be. Learn about the latest aviation advances at the Paris Air Show. See it all in action June 17th to the 23rd.

1. Air shows are like the Fashion Week for planes. Aviation enthusiasts gather to look at the latest technology and see flight demonstrations from new aircrafts.

Chaiwat Subprasom / Reuters

Over 10-12 million people per year attend air shows. That's a lot of airplane fans.

2. Take for example the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger jetliner.

Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

This double decker plane can hold up to 853 passengers.

3. See the Boeing C-17 military transport aircraft.

generalelectric / Via

The C-17 features GE Aviation Systems' wing trailing edge panels, which help with aircraft control and redirection of airflow.

4. Be amazed at Boeing 747-8, the longest aircraft in the world.

Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

It's also the heaviest aircraft manufactured in the United States, weighing at 975,000 pounds max.

5. Take a good look at the Airbus A400M Atlas, a propeller-powered military aircraft.

Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

It cost approximately 136 million Euros to make.

6. Explore the Airbus A320.

Adam Berry / Getty Images

It's the fastest-selling jet airliner in the world.

7. Prepare yourself for the Boeing 777, the world’s most successful twin-engine, long-haul airplane.

GE / Via

The latest generation of planes uses the GE90-115B engine, which reigns as the world’s most powerful jet engine (about 127,900 pounds of thrust).

8. Get a look at the CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter.

Adam Berry / Getty Images

It was originally developed for the U.S. Marine Corps, and is now in use in Germany, Iran, Israel, and Mexico.

9. See a Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk helicopter in action!

Adam Berry / Getty Images

It's main use is for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In Hong Kong, they use this model for Government transportation.

10. Check out the Elektra One hybrid solar electric airplane.

Adam Berry / Getty Images

It's the world’s first airplane to complete an international flight using only solar power, and can fly 600 miles on a single charge!

11. And you can't have an air show without some snazzy aircraft stunts.

JACK GUEZ/Staff/AFP / Getty Images

Let's take a look at some of the tricks you can see.

12. The aerobatic tricks solidify how advanced jet technology is.

Philippe Farjon / AP

And the colored smoke helps observers see the flight path taken in the air!

13. There are 5 basic aerobatic maneuvers at air shows.

Stelios Varias / Reuters

Lines, Loops, Rolls, Spins, and Hammerheads.

14. There are two kinds of loops in aerobatic stunts: inside loops and outside loops.

PHILIPPE LOPEZ/Staff/AFP / Getty Images

Inside loops look like this. Outside loops look like this.

15. The jets are so fast that they pack more power than the first rocketship ever built.

Philippe Farjon / AP

16. Check this out and more at the Paris Air Show.

Peter Singh/Rex USA

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