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10 Lifechanging Ways To Make Your Day More Efficient

Fact: When people are efficient, they are happier. So, let's save headaches and a lot of time with some easy lifehacks. Now you have more time to browse the web for cute kittens or whatever you like. It's super easy with the GE Efficiency Machine.

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4. Save "log out" time by using an incogito window or private browsing.


It may seem like common knowledge, but you do save lots of time not thinking about logging out! And now your friends can't change your Facebook status.

6. Use Lazarus, a form recovery add-on, to save you from re-typing your text boxes.

Jeff Warren / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: jeffreywarren

We've all accidentally closed out of windows with extended amounts of text. Lazarus can help you recover all the notes without the pain of retyping.

10. Look at photos of cute baby animals to improve your concentration and productivity. / Via http://Shutterstock

In a study conducted by Hiroshima University in Japan, they found that looking at cute baby animals increased concentration. The participants in the study increased their productivity by 44 percent.