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10 Lifechanging Ways To Make Your Day More Efficient

Fact: When people are efficient, they are happier. So, let's save headaches and a lot of time with some easy lifehacks. Now you have more time to browse the web for cute kittens or whatever you like. It's super easy with the GE Efficiency Machine.

1. Quickly save things to your Dropbox by email.

2. Create an easy to remember password by making a distinct motor pattern.

3. Store all of your chargers and cables in something you already have, a sunglasses case!

4. Save "log out" time by using an incogito window or private browsing.

5. If you REALLY WANT TO TYPE WITH EMOTION on your iPhone and turn the caps lock on, double tap the shift button and capslock to your heart's content.

6. Use Lazarus, a form recovery add-on, to save you from re-typing your text boxes.

7. Use binder clips to organize your cords.

8. You probably know that you can take photos with your iPhone by pressing the "volume down" button...

9. Here's how to efficiently watch a TV show while laying down in bed.

10. Look at photos of cute baby animals to improve your concentration and productivity.