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10 Unwritten Rules Of Toronto

Traveling to a new city can be intimating, let your travels to Toronto be stress free and enjoyable.

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1. Transit Doorways

Richard Lautens / Toronto Star

When loading on to the TTC make sure to leave the doorways open for those who are unloading at the stop. If you're loading it's just as simple as waiting in a line up outside the doors until all exiting riders have left the streetcar/subway. Pushing your way in when people are existing is a big NO NO!

2. Move on Back

Thanks to Toronto now becoming Presto friendly, this problem is becoming less of an issues but is still seen as common courtesy. After paying for your transit try to move as far back as you can so people still waiting to load will have room once aboard!

3. Turnstiles & bikes..... just no.

People trying to fit their bikes through the turnstiles at the TTC stations has been an ongoing problem for the maintenance crew. At least twice a week they are faced at with this problem at multiple stations. Guy's just do everyone a favor and take the front doors.

4. One butt... one seat.

Many people daily use the TTC making it hard at high peaks of the day to find seating or even a place to stand at times. Please do not take up more room than you need when traveling and sparing your space with others. Keep your bags on your lap or nearby on the floor where people will not trip.

5. Exact Fare

With many TTC stops to be made, time is never on our side. The best way to keep things moving forward with little delay to have you fare ready before boarding. This will keep the line waiting to get abroad moving smoothly.

8. Take your backpack off when traveling with the TTC

As is there is not enough room on any mode of TTC transit. We all respect that you have precious cargo, but keeping it at your feet will help keep the flow healthy on the TTC.

9. Keep your music down

You get a little bit of everyone on the TTC, with that we need to keep in mind that not everyone wants to be listening to blaring Lil' Wayne on their way home. Be respectful and keep your music at a healthy level so everyone can enjoy their commute.

10. Pay-it Forward

These rules will help make your ride on the TTC a bit simpler, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to share good cheer and smiles on your commute. Pay-it forward and make another person’s days as they rush through their day.

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