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16 Gaming Struggles From The '80s Today's Kids Won't Understand

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1. First thing's first — this is what your squad looked like:

2. Oh, you wanna play a game? Just load it from a cassette — no, really, a CASSETTE.

3. Disappointment was knowing you'd probably never wear one of these:

4. You had to actually leave the house to play the latest titles at the arcade...

5. ...where you'd patiently wait your turn for a cabinet to open up...

6. ...only to lose your hard-earned quarters without ever entering your initials.

7. Meanwhile, handhelds were either unwieldy bricks...

8. ...or cheap, little LCD screens with crude animation.

9. You definitely had a birthday party at a pizza place, where this guy serenaded you to nightmare land...

10. ...and a fat stack of arcade tickets earned approximately one eraser.

11. The video game crash of '83 — that happened.

12. And, well...this came out:

13. If you got stuck, you had to call expensive 1-900 numbers for hints and cheat codes...

14. ...but somehow, tilting a pinball machine was still considered cheating.

15. People thought this was a pretty good controller:

16. Finally, nothing was more heart-racing than fishing for tokens while this screen counted down:

Oh, and speaking of '80s countdowns... 😉

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