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What's Some Advice You Wish Another Teacher Would Have Given You Before You Started Teaching?

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If you've been a teacher for a while, you've probably been through everything in the classroom.

But what's something you wish a more experienced teacher had told you before you started teaching?

For example: NEVER tell a student, "It's easy!" What if it isn't easy for them? Then the student will feel embarrassed or, worse, stupid and may stop asking for help at all! Your job is to reassure and to assist.

Or...make friends with your fellow colleagues. You can share a lot more than coffee in the teachers lounge!

And...classroom management skills are KEY to ensuring that students feel happy and secure in your classroom. By establishing clear rules and guidelines — and especially by maintaining them in a fair and positive way — teachers set the tone for everyone.

Impart that wisdom upon us!

Comment below, and submit the advice you'd give to new teachers.

Teachers, thank you for everything you do. We appreciate you so much.