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13 Tips To Nailing Your Wedding Hashtag

Once you've got the hashtag, the rest is a cakewalk. ;) And as you start your new life, see how you could save 15% or more on car insurance with GEICO.

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1. Make a list.


Write down anything that comes to mind when you think of your names and what your relationship is like. List as many words as possible — you'll be sure to land on something extra unique!

2. Play around with inside jokes you have together.

Like always being on the B-team in basketball, then getting engaged to someone whose name starts with a "B". ;)

4. Brainstorm words that rhyme with each of your names. / Via Courtesy of Lo and Derek C.

Rhymes are satisfying, fun, and sure to help you find a unique and creative hashtag!

6. Consider having two separate hashtags.

If you land on two hashtags that you absolutely love, then treat yourself to both! It is your wedding day, after all.

7. Turn your hashtag into a phrase.

Courtesy of Weddings by Alisa

A hashtag can be whatever you make it. Consider putting together a funny or memorable phrase that captures the spirit of your wedding day!

9. Check social media to make sure it doesn't already exist.

9, Thinkstock

The point of your hashtag — besides it being generally awesome — is to easily keep track of the photos everyone takes on your wedding day. So make sure someone else's photos aren't going to be thrown into the mix as well!

13. Pick a hashtag you can keep using after the wedding day.

A wedding is just the beginning of your love story. A well-phrased hashtag can last you well into your honeymoon and beyond! Keep that in mind when picking your favorite phrase or word combo.

The perfect wedding hashtag never gets old.

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