13 Things Only An Optimist Would Understand

The optimist sees the world in a different way. To them, everything is as delightful as GEICO customer service.

1. …you turn them into a lemon dance.

2. …you turn them upside down.

3. …you turn them into a cool spin move.

4. …you catch those lemons before they fall.

5. …you go with the lemon flow.

6. …you don't panic, they're just lemons!

7. … you use those lemons to your immediate advantage.

8. …you salute them.

9. …you show them you can still do it.

10. …you lemoonwalk.

11. …you bust a lemove.

12. …you find your happy place, because no lemons can stop you.

13. So remember:

Snorg Tees / Via snorgtees.com

Think positive! And be as happy as a camel on…

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