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Tell Us About An Amazing Teacher Who's Gone Above And Beyond This Past School Year

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The past year has been a tough one for teachers, students, and parents.

Mother helping son doing homework using laptop

Teachers have had to be flexible, think quickly, and put together lessons that could work in person or online.

A teacher holding an online class for e-learning students

Let's celebrate those teachers who've put in 110%!

 A teacher standing near a whiteboard and filming a digital lesson

Do you know a teacher who's taken lemons and made lemonade this past year? What did they do?

Maybe you know a teacher who took their entire class on virtual field trips to places like museums or zoos!

Illustration of  an online virtual zoo

Or you know a teacher who wrote handwritten letters to their students and mailed them all at the end of the semester.

An envelope with a speech bubble that says, "Hello!"

Or maybe you know a teacher who prioritized mental health for their students so they were more forgiving about due dates for major projects.

Two teachers wearing masks in a science classroom

Tell us about the amazing teachers who've made your past year better! Some of the responses could be featured in a future BuzzFeed sponsored post.

(Just a heads-up: Anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.)

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