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11 Teacher Discounts For Getting You And Your Classroom Ready This Year

Get everything you need for back to school — for less. And save even more money by switching to GEICO.

1. Organize your classroom, desk, and even your craft closet with The Container Store.

Sign up for their Organized Teacher discount program and you'll get 15% off, plus exclusive sales and offers throughout the year. You'll be SO. ORGANIZED.

2. Crayola has a ton of discounts (and resources!) available to teachers.

Get ready for a colorful school year.

3. Ann Taylor Loft will keep you stylish and ~classy~ (get it?).

Ann Taylor Loft / Via

AND its program gives you access to its "Best in Class" grants and other perks. Score.

4. If you’re a Blick preferred customer, you can get a 10% academic discount.

Blick / Via

It works on the website and in the store!

5. AT&T also offers up to 15% off your wireless bill and other phone expenses.


Just go to its website and follow the prompts to see if you're eligible for sweet, sweet sales.

6. If you're hoping to have a small pet in your classroom, Pets in the Classroom can help with that.


Basically, it will fund the expenses of a small pet up to $150 per year so your kids can learn about animals and responsibility and have some fun with a furry friend. It's available for pre-K through eighth-grade classrooms.

7. Need craft and art supplies? Of course you do; you're a teacher. Michael's has you covered!


It offers 15% off everything for teachers, but don't forget to check its website for more coupons!

8. Apple gives discounts to teachers, students, parents buying computers for their college-bound kids, homeschool teachers, administrators, staff...

Apple / Via

...pretty much anyone trying to help a kid get their education. Because it offers a wide range of discounts, it's a great resource for your students who are headed to college and might need a new computer or phone.

9. Barnes & Noble gives teachers 20% off every day and 25% off on Educator Appreciation Days. Nice.

Barnes & Noble / Via

All the more reason to add to your stack of "eventually I will read these for pleasure" books.

10. Lakeshore Learning, a fave of many teachers for its classroom supplies, offers 15% off select items to members of their Teacher's Club.

Lakeshore Learning / Via

You have to sign up in-store, but you can start using your discount card immediately.

11. And Legoland gives California and Florida teachers free admission.

Legoland / Via

Because if anyone deserves a play day, it's a teacher.

Saving money = a big win! If you’re a teacher and part of an educational organization, you could save money with GEICO. Click here to see if you qualify for discounts.