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10 Stories About Going To The Movies That Will Make You Say, “Of Course That Would Happen”

Even a quiet voice carries in the theater. Well, as long as people talk too loudly at the movies, you can count on GEICO saving folks money! See if you could save hundreds on car insurance today.

1. Rats Off to Ya!

"I went to a show with a date and managed to secure a seat up in the balcony area. During the show, we heard a bunch of noise and saw people bring their feet up into the air. There was a mouse in the theater. We managed to finish the movie sitting on our feet, and then we quickly exited when the movie was over. Only in NYC."

—Nick L.

2. Reading Is FUNdamental

"I went to a matinee showing of Your Name. It's a beautiful and emotional animated feature film that, while it has universal themes, is really not for young, young kids. Especially kids who cannot read subtitles. The entire time I was watching the movie, I heard this little kid whisper to their parents, 'What's happening now?' They even did this during the quiet, poignant scenes. Who brings their kids to a subtitled movie if they can't read?"

—Ashley B.

3. The Snorer of Arabia

"I went to a special, super-exclusive 4K screening of Lawrence of Arabia for its 50th anniversary. The tickets were...not cheap. The guy behind us came in as the movie started and was fast asleep and snoring loudly by the end of the overture. He slept through all four hours, only to wake up just as the credits were rolling and walk out as if nothing had happened. I hope his weirdly expensive nap was worth it!"

—Ben H.

4. A Comedy of Errors

"One time I sat next to an old lady who kept grabbing my knee whenever she laughed at a joke (instead of her husband's knee) by accident. It was a comedy, so she was really yucking it up!"

—Will S.

5. And now for my next trick...

"One movie theater I like is also a restaurant, so bringing your own food is a no-no. Someone once ordered some cookies, immediately pocketed the cookies...then, on their new, clean plate, dumped out their own pasta and fettuccine alfredo sauce from plastic bags in their purse. The movie theater doesn't even serve anything remotely similar to that, so it was pretty noticeable."

—Isa D.

6. Celebs... They're just like us!

"Long story short, I stupidly brought a salad to a movie, and this celebrity who I didn't know was sitting behind me in the theater told me to put it away because it was smelly. I thought he commented on my salad because his wife was pregnant, but she didn’t seem to mind. I tweeted at said celebrity after, and it become this entire Twitter debate."

—Claire S.

7. The Dinner(s) and a Movie

"There was the time that a guy brought four wrapped hoagies to the theater and methodically worked through all of them through the course of the movie. That's the whole story. We thought he might have been bringing food for three other friends, but nope. He just never wanted to not be eating a sandwich during Guardians of the Galaxy."

—Ben H.

8. To Tweet, or Not to Tweet...

"There was a couple in front of me in the theater that was engaging in severe PDA, so I picked up my phone to tweet about it. They totally caught me and AirDropped me a photo to try to shame me."

—Sam C.

Update: the couple knows I’m tweeting

9. Happily Ever Snackster

"My dad proposed to my mom at a movie with a ring in the tub of popcorn! The [buttery] ring was super easy to slip on afterward!"

—Clark M.

10. Always go early for the trailers!

"My favorite movie trailer experience was at the midnight release of The Last Airbender. After the trailer for Nanny McPhee Returns, someone yelled, 'WHERE THE HECK DID SHE GO?!' The entire theater busted up laughing."

—Dan T.

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