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Reasons Why Wednesdays Should Give You Hope

Wednesdays are underrated. Gas is cheaper, airplane tickets are more affordable, and the weekend is just around the corner! Wednesdays are like an awesome call with GEICO customer service. You might even feel happier than a camel on Hump Day.

Ugh. So it's a work day. Time to get up.

This is how you feel about driving to work.

9:00 AM meeting? No...!


There's no more coffee left?

There's only DECAF?

Why did the deadlines get pushed up?

Is it lunch time yet?

But wait. HOLD UP!

You look at your calendar. It's...

Also known as...


Great things happen on Wednesday!

You're over the hump!

And everyone knows going downhill is easier than up.

It's only this much time until the weekend!

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Before you know it, you'll be packing up and relaxing.

Today isn't so bad after all!

So c'mon and celebrate!

Just remember...

This camel knows where it's at!

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