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12 Reasons Why Phoenix Should Be Called The #NoFilter City

#Phoenix #looks #good. And it's also got some 'tude. Let GEICO deliver some views, free of filter.

1. The Valley of the Sun

2. Piestewa Peak

3. Tovrea Castle

4. The Desert Botanical Garden

5. Camelback Mountain

6. South Mountain Park

7. The Superstition Mountains

8. Dobbins Lookout

9. Mystery Castle

10. Hole-in-the-Rock, Papago Park

11. Deer Valley Rock Art Center

Filtered Fact: The Deer Valley Rock Art Center is an archeological preserve that is home to 1,500 Native American petroglyphs, some of which were made over 10,000 years ago.

#NoFilter Fact: The Phoenix New Times cautions, go see the Will Bruder-designed Art Center "...before the secret gets out, and the place is flooded with Architectural Digest-waving hipsters."

12. And Saguaro Cactus Sunsets (Pretty Much on Every Hike)

Sometimes #NoFilter can be a bad thing, though.

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