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"Punny" Valentines In 15 Minutes Or Less

Punny Valentine's Day Cards in 15 Minutes or Less In 15 minutes or less, you can send your kiddo to school with the "punniest" Valentine's Day cards. You know what else takes 15 minutes or less? Switching to GEICO. See how much you could save today.


Scrapbook paper

  • 1 sea-themed
  • 1 blue
  • 2 pink
  • 1 glittery green

Card-stock paper

  • 1 barn-themed
  • 1 black
  • 1 aqua


  • 1 white chalk marker
  • 1 black marker
  • 1 paw-print stamp
  • 1 ink pad
  • 1 bag of fish crackers
  • 1 plastic bag with twist tie
  • 1 bag of large googly eyes
  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 hot glue gun
  • 1 lollipop
  • 1 bag of candy of choice
  • 2 small toy dinosaurs
  • 2 packs of heart-shaped stickers


“Valentine, I’m glad we’re in the same school.”

  1. Take one piece of sea-themed scrapbook paper and cut into a fishbowl shape.

  2. Write, “Valentine, I’m glad we’re in the same school” with a marker.

  3. Put the fish bowl inside of a plastic bag and add fish crackers.

  4. Secure with a twist tie.

“I’ll owl-ways be your friend.”

  1. Take one piece of wood or barn-themed card-stock paper and cut into a square.

  2. Take another piece of blue scrapbook paper, or color of your choice, and cut into an owl shape.

  3. Make sure the owl shape has two vertical slits near the bottom.

  4. Glue the owl shape onto the card-stock paper.

  5. Add a triangular piece of paper, color of your choice, as the owl’s widow peak. Glue this on.

  6. Add googly eyes with hot glue.

  7. Write, “I’ll owl-ways be your friend” in black marker.

  8. Slide a Valentine’s Day–themed pencil through the slits.

“You’re a super friend.”

  1. Take one piece of black card-stock paper and cut it into the shape of a superhero’s cape.

  2. Make a small hole at the top of the cape.

  3. Write, “You’re a super friend” with a white chalk marker.

  4. Add a heart sticker for decoration.

  5. Slide a lollipop through the hole at the top of the cape.

“You’re dino-mite.”

  1. Take a piece of aqua-colored card-stock paper and cut it into a heart shape.

  2. Hot glue two small toy dinosaurs to the top of the heart.

  3. Write, “You’re dino-mite” in black marker.

  4. Take a paw-print stamp, dip it into an ink pad, and use stamps to decorate the heart.

“I’d snap at a chance to be your Valentine.”

  1. Take one square green piece of glittery scrapbook paper and cut it in half vertically.

  2. Save one half for later.

  3. Fold the first half into a cylindrical shape and hot glue it together.

  4. Take the other half of the green scrapbook paper, put the cylindrical shape on top of it, and trace a circle.

  5. Cut that circle out and hot glue it to one end of the cylindrical shape to close it off.

  6. Fill the shape with the candy of your choice and staple the other side to close it up. This is the body of the alligator.

  7. Use the remaining paper to cut two trapezoids for the mouth and four legs.

  8. Hot glue one trapezoid from the bottom of the cylindrical body with the glittery side facing upward.

  9. Hot glue the other trapezoid for the top of the mouth. Cut slits on each side where it connects to the body so it can fold upward and stay open.

  10. Hot glue two googly eyes onto the top.

  11. Hot glue the four legs.

  12. Cut another smaller trapezoid with a piece of pink scrapbook paper.

  13. Write, “I’d snap at a chance to be your Valentine” with a marker.

  14. Add heart stickers for decoration.