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15 Texts That Don't Deserve A Response

Ugh. Sometimes texts are better left unanswered, and especially when you're driving. GEICO wants you to #BrakeTheHabit. Hands off that phone!

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1. The Wrong Number

2. The Anti-Text Text

3. The Should-Be-Rhetorical Question

4. The Clumsy Thumb

5. The Auto-Incorrect

6. The DI-Why

7. The Needed Autocorrect

8. The "Out of Context, It's Weird"

9. The "Out of Context, It Might Be Criminal"

10. The Sudden Jingle

11. The "Guess What Picture It Is"

12. The Philosopher

13. The Generation Gap

14. The Double Standard

15. The Picture Book

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All imagery via BuzzFeed.

No response necessary — especially when driving.

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