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11 People Confess How They’re Different Now That They’re A Parent

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about how they've changed since becoming parents. Here are their honest and hilarious responses...

1. "I always said that my kids would never scream or run in the grocery store because they would know better."

2. "I never thought I would willingly grab snot with my bare hands..."

3. "I never thought I would tolerate picky eating."

4. "I always used to mock parents who would always have their child clinging to them."

5. "I never thought I'd breastfeed past a year or be a stay-at-home mom."

6. "I never thought I'd check my baby's diaper with the 'sniff test.'"

7. "I always HATED when my mom would lick her thumb to spit-wash something off my face, and I swore I’d never do that to my kids."

8. "I love to cook and always imagined myself making wonderful meals for my family."

9. "I never thought I’d let my children eat anything with refined sugar."

10. "I never thought I’d be a 'Pinterest Mom.'"

11. "The things I say!"

Note: Submissions have been edited for length, grammar, and/or clarity.

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