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11 Animals Who Totally Didn't Do It, They Swear

All of these animals plead not guilty. It's what they do, just like how GEICO is all about helping you find more savings.

1. This penguin, who totally isn't poking this seal for attention, he was just stretching:

2. This koala, who definitely didn't steal your camera to take selfies, his lil paw just slipped on the button when he was giving it back — honest:

3. This bear cub who totally isn't teasing her sister, she's just trying to touch her nose with her tongue:

4. This dog who totally didn't get in the cookie jar, don't listen to that kid. He can't even read!

5. These shelties who didn't destroy this lamp, seriously, it was like this when they got here:

6. This dog who was totally paying attention, he just had to hold in a sneeze at the wrong moment is all:

7. This cat who totally didn't rip this toilet paper to shreds and then hide in the bathtub looking innocent, she has no idea who REALLY did it:

8. This dog who certainly DID NOT purposely get into the hair dye and then go on a corn rampage, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and some other dog put it all on him (literally):

9. This dog who certainly did not make the mess on his immediate left. He's just pointing it out so you know it's there, because he's courteous like that.

10. This cat who is smiling too much to be truly blamed for the mess you see on the floor over there. Could such a happy cat ALSO be a guilty cat? You decide, America.

11. And this dog, who is just keeping the seat warm for his owner. Just check the plates:

Rick, though... He totally did it.

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