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13 Moments That People Who Love Small Talk Will Never Understand

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1. Being more worried about the chattiness of your hairstylist than the quality of the haircut.

2. Hearing the phrase "That's some weather we're having!" and shriveling up like a raisin.

3. Frantically hitting the "door close" button on the elevator so no one else can get on.

4. Spotting people by the watercooler and doing an immediate 180.

5. Seeing a colleague on your morning commute and physically hiding from them...

6. ...then getting busted and chatting for the entire commute while your brain is screaming inside.

7. Trying (and failing) to pee while the person at the sink talks you up.

8. Drowning in your own sweat as you run out of questions to ask.

9. The "TV show catch-22."

10. Running away from people who say "What's up?" because you can't tell if it's rhetorical or not.

11. Dreading words like "weather," "sports," or "weekend."

12. Needing "alone time" to recuperate from the cab driver being too talkative.

13. Wishing you could disappear when you can't figure out how to end the conversation.

Did we mention the elevator? It's worth mentioning again.

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