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Literally Just 31 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs To Start Your Year Off Right

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1. All right...let's start off with a cute sleeping puppy.

Courtesy of Caitlin Carlson

2. And we'll continue with some more pups!

Courtesy of Jane Lytvynenko

3. How about this super-sleepy one?

Courtesy of Lauren Han

4. This one's playing peekaboo with you.

Courtesy of Victoria Reyes

5. This one wants to take you to dinner!

Courtesy of Hannah Korevaar

6. This birthday boy is celebrating eight years of being adorable.

Courtesy of Priya Minhas

7. This dog is a beautiful mess.

Courtesy of Victoria Hess

8. And these buds know they look goood.

Courtesy of Conz Preti

9. Four times the pups = four times the adorableness.

Courtesy of Casey Cline

10. And third time's always the charm. #SquadGoals

Courtesy of Laura Creste

11. What a lazy bone! (Get it?)

Courtesy of Casey Cline

12. What a mush!

Courtesy of Alexander Watt / Via Instagram: @alexanderwatt

13. This one's just a goofball.

Courtesy of Jordan Shalhoub

14. And this doggo is just crazy... Crazy adorable, that is.

Instagram: @ohyoupiggyboo

15. This one's sporting some sweet swag.

Courtesy of Ailin Fang

16. This one's smiling at you!

Courtesy of Swasti Shukla

17. This fluffer is eavesdropping but, like, in an adorable way.

Courtesy of Ben Cahn / Via Instagram: @bencahn

18. This prankster makes being in trouble look adorable.

Courtesy of Ryan K

19. This cutie will make you feel snuggly.

Courtesy of Jordan Shalhoub

20. This sweet face will melt your heart immediately.

Courtesy of Jason Zakuto

21. This happy puppy will put a smile on your face.

Courtesy of Caitlin Carlson

22. This goofball takes safety very seriously.

Courtesy of Kelsey Impicciche


Courtesy of Jane Lytvynenko


Courtesy of Conz Preti


25. Tiny dog. Giant carrot. Pure gold.

Courtesy of Lauren Han

26. Too cute! Stahp. That tongue.

Courtesy of Lindsey Maratta

27. We are at full cuteness capacity.

Instagram: @ellie_mae_p

28. But we're gonna keep this doggo train going on for a little more...

Courtesy of Alice Mong Kong Llite

29. Must look away.

Courtesy of Tim Sheehan / Via Instagram: @mrtimsheehan


Courtesy of Matt DeGroot


Shut it down.
Courtesy of Claire de Louraille

Shut it down.

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