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10 Life-Changing Ways Parents Can Get Organized This School Year

Start the school year right by getting organized! And once the kids have everything in place, the GEICO Mobile App can organize all your insurance needs in one location and could save you money on your car insurance.

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1. Chalkboard Organization Center

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Repurpose an old chalkboard as an organization center for the entire family. Schedules, permission slips, and anything else of importance can be present in one centralized location.

4. Kid Closet Clothing Clutter Conquerer

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Defeat closet clutter and get prepared for the week. By making these hanger tags, your child will no longer waste time in the morning picking out an outfit. Learn how to create these closet must-haves here.

5. Back To School Homework Station

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Make sure your kids are on top of their school work and ready for the new school year with this DIY homework station. Armed with a hot glue gun, magnets, and all the necessary materials, you can transform the side of your fridge to the ultimate homework organizer. Learn how to create your own here.

6. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jars

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Chalkboard paint + mason jars = DIY heaven. Put all their school supplies in one centralized location so it's easier for your kids when homework time comes around. Make yours here.

7. After-school Snack Prep


Meal prep isn't just for dieters and exercisers. Meal prep all of your child's after-school snacks at the beginning of the week not only to save you time, but also to know they're receiving a perfectly portioned nutritious snack.

8. Weekly Clothes Organizer

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Shave minutes in the morning by making sure your child is prepared at the beginning of the week. With preselected outfits, your kid just has to simply throw on their clothes and come down to meet you for breakfast. Learn how to make your own here.

10. Back-to-school Backpack Center

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Make the morning routine less stressful by organizing everything your kids need in one area. Send them off into the world knowing that they're prepared. See how to personalize yours here.

Now that your home is organized for the new school year, be sure to organize all your insurance needs with the GEICO Mobile App.

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