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8 Latino-Owned Small Businesses That Offer Great Gift Ideas

Why celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month for only 30 days? Support your favorite Latino-owned business all year round!

1. At Nuggie Paw Shop, you can style your dog in adorable accessories AND donate money to no-kill animal shelters in Miami!

2. Give the gift of quite possibly the best vegan cookies ever from Gem Bakery.

A Gem Bakery s'mores cookie
Courtesy of Gem Bakery

You'll forget the cookies you're eating from Gem Bakery are vegan because of how good they are! With flavors like s'mores, frosting stuffed confetti, and classic chocolate chip, you'll be wanting a whole box for yourself too! Located in NYC, Gem Bakery ships to all 48 contiguous states.

Get 6 s'mores cookies for $20.

3. Hija de tu Madre is a store that has everything you need to show the world you're the boss!

Hija de tu Madre / Via, Hija de tu Madre / Via

Patty Delgado, Hija de tu Madre's founder and designer, says that her brand "celebrates the beautiful mess that is being Latina and Latinx. Each piece of art and clothing is inspired by my cultural crossroads."

Get the tote for $29 or the adorable enamel mug for $22.

4. Lucky No. Candles is a nontoxic, vegan candle shop that specializes in soy coconut wax crystal candles.

An image of a Lucky No. Candle.
Courtesy of Lucky No. Candles / Via

Each candle in their shop has a corresponding number and crystal associated with it. Numbers 1, 5, and 7 are "fresh and clean" fragrances. Numbers 2, 4, 8, and 13 are neutral and woodsy scents. Numbers 3, 6, and 9 are floral.

Get the No. 1 candle (or other various numbers) for $33. Good scents and good vibes all around!

5. Pick from dozens of designs or get a custom piñata from Piñata Design Studio.

An image of a taco piñata.
Piñata Design Studio

The design studio was founded by Yesenia Prieto, a third-generation piñata artist. In addition to making custom piñatas, the design studio also has experience in producing large installations!

Get the taco piñata for $65.

6. Concrete Geometric sells beautiful pots for your plants and also fun DIY kits.

An image of a DIY planter.
Courtesy of Krizia Flores

Maybe you've collected a lot of plants this past year. Those plants need beautiful pots to live in! If a DIY cement planter sounds daunting, get some inspiration from Concrete Geometric's Instagram and watch its tutorial.

Get your own DIY concrete pot mix for $45.

7. Yo Soy AfroLatina shows the beautiful diversity within the Latinx community with clever pop culture apparel.

A mug that says "Latina period."
Courtesy of Yo Soy AfroLatina and Chuck Marcus Photography / Via

Bianca Kathryn, the brand's founder, says, "My goal is to shed light on the beauty and the magnitude of Afro Latinas, to create a space where we are acknowledged, and to celebrate our beautiful, diverse culture."

Get the mug (pictured above) for $20.

8. Ardent is a family-run business that sells natural, nontoxic, and sustainable goods.

A picture of vegan shampoo bars.
Courtesy of Ardent

If you're looking for handmade wellness products and beautifully designed home goods, browse around Ardent's website. There's something for everyone!

Get an all-natural, vegan shampoo bar with crushed lavender, hold the plastic, for $15.

GEICO celebrates the rich, diverse culture within the Hispanic and Latino communities this month and all year round!