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8 Latino-Owned Small Businesses That Offer Great Gift Ideas

Why celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month for only 30 days? Support your favorite Latino-owned business all year round!

1. At Nuggie Paw Shop, you can style your dog in adorable accessories AND donate money to no-kill animal shelters in Miami!

2. Give the gift of quite possibly the best vegan cookies ever from Gem Bakery.

A Gem Bakery s'mores cookie

3. Hija de tu Madre is a store that has everything you need to show the world you're the boss!

4. Lucky No. Candles is a nontoxic, vegan candle shop that specializes in soy coconut wax crystal candles.

An image of a Lucky No. Candle.

5. Pick from dozens of designs or get a custom piñata from Piñata Design Studio.

An image of a taco piñata.

6. Concrete Geometric sells beautiful pots for your plants and also fun DIY kits.

An image of a DIY planter.

7. Yo Soy AfroLatina shows the beautiful diversity within the Latinx community with clever pop culture apparel.

A mug that says "Latina period."

8. Ardent is a family-run business that sells natural, nontoxic, and sustainable goods.

A picture of vegan shampoo bars.

GEICO celebrates the rich, diverse culture within the Hispanic and Latino communities this month and all year round!