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17 Delightful Internet Things We're Thankful For While Staying At Home

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1. We're thankful for internet trends like whipped coffee!

2. We're thankful for friends with fun virtual birthday ideas...

Video chat birthday party

3. And love to see when our friends showcase their "home salon haircuts."

4. We're super thankful when we get to witness it in the middle of a group video chat.

A haircut over a video chat

5. It's great to see everyone's baking wins...

6. And fails!

7. And wins (with the kids!)

8. We're thankful to know that we're not alone with homeschooling...

9. And when trouble starts, always know mom is watching!

A message from mom on the wall of a playroom

10. It's been amazing to see all the great crafting...

A miniature midcentury lamp

11. Creative meetups in video games...

Image from a popular video game

12. And innovative ways of exercising!

13. Or innovative ways of relaxing...

Dog laying by some workout equipment

14. We're thankful for furry "assistants"...

15. The not-so-helpful assistants...

16. The cuddly ones...

Cat sleeping on owner's lap while they work

17. And we're super thankful for our big furry friends too.

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