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15 Cute Travel Accessories That Will Make You Say, "Get In My Suitcase!"

You'd better believe every one of these fab accessories is under $15. And while you're still believing, please also believe how easy it is to switch to GEICO! See if you could save hundreds on car insurance today.

1. This portable charger is so, so sleek you could probably fit like 20 of them in your carry-on. If that's something you've wanted to try.

2. When you're trapped for hours in a large, dry steel box suspended 30,000 feet in the air, you'll def want to have a super-nourishing lip balm on hand.

3. Every vacation seems to have one "nice dinner," doesn't it? Make it a seamless one with this portable steam iron.

4. Let's make one thing clear: You'll never lose sight of your passport in this fanny pack.

5. This dreamy sleep mask is perfect for planes with amenities including extra leg room, a complimentary six-ounce can of off-brand cola, and at least several screaming newborns.

6. You might as well get the complete sleeping-while-sitting-upright-and-attempting-not-to-knock-over-your-meal-tray experience with the help of some earplugs too.

7. And you can keep those earplugs (and some earbuds!) on lock in this compact cutie. 💅🏻

8. Cross your legs in a manner that suggests you are both sophisticated and comfortable with the aid of these ~organic~ compression socks.

9. This hydrating face mist will keep you dewy (read: not drenched) during long, dry plane rides.

10. And then double up on the dew with this ultra-moisturizing face mask.

11. This travel-ready, reusable water bottle that'll quench your thirst for trendy accessories.

12. Looking to sip with style? Look no further...because the answer is right here, under this text you're reading right now.

13. This portable digital luggage scale will ensure you never receive another "Oh, brother!" from a flight attendant again.

14. Make certain your essentials are durable and très chic with this transparent umbrella.

15. And lastly, ensure your documents are dressed to the nines with this en vogue passport parka.

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