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In A World Where Everything Gets A Sequel, GEICO Characters Are Finally Getting Their Own

Are you team Raccoons, Woodchucks, or Pinocchio? Vote for your favorite at! You can enter for a chance to be one of GEICO's daily winners of a GEICO Sequels Swag Bag – complete with a $100 movie theater gift card!

Doesn't it seem like every season there's a "new" movie that's a sequel or a reboot of an old movie?

They're everywhere!

If all these movies get sequels, don't you think it's about time GEICO characters got sequels?

Well, you're in luck, because the time is now.

Those woodchucks and their woodchucking? They're back.

Those rascally raccoons that love to dumpster-dive? Time for part two.

Pinocchio's part-time job as a motivational speaker? There's more to his story!

You can follow all of them on Twitter!


This bro asked us if we’ve ever been axe throwing? Srsly, why do that when you could go wood chuckin’?


It’s Saturday night – where’s the party at? And by “party”, I mean, “three unattended trash cans outside of a burger joint”.


Since I’m a motivational speaker, let me get onto this #WednesdayWisdom thing. “Sleeping dogs lie, but their noses don’t grow.” Well, unlike mine anyway.

Not only do these characters have six new commercials total, but GEICO wants to know which sequel you like the best.

So head on over to to vote for your favorite character and enter to win a GEICO Sequels Swag Bag! See the full trailer below.

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