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8 Shakespearean Insults To Step Up Your College Basketball Trash Talk

A good own still stings even when it's in Old English. Cool off those burns by switching to GEICO. See if you could save 15% or more on car insurance.

1. When your friend's brackets are about as foolproof as the medieval cure for the plague.

2. When your team is really beheading the competition.

3. When your friend's brackets are starting to make them look like the basketball court jester.

4. And when the only foundation they seem to be able to lay is one built on air balls.

5. When your man's just dunked someone into next week.

6. When your team's committing too many turnovers but also maybe you could go for a baguette with venison and cabbage.

7. Yeah, we've really got a fab amount of versatile food-related disses for you to dish out here.

8. And, of course, when you're through to the next round.

As long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on GEICO to save you money.

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