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14 Indispensable Things You’ll Def Need When You Travel Home For The Holidays

Make it home free of stress with the GEICO app, which goes the extra mile for you with emergency roadside assistance, easy access to your bills, and more!

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2. Noise-canceling headphones are ALWAYS worth the extra $$.

8. Or curl up in the backseat with a ​mesmerizing page-turner you can't put down, like Sonora.

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Amazon calls this book a "fevered, lyrical debut about two young women drawn into an ever-intensifying friendship set against the stark, haunted landscape of the Sonoran desert and the ecstatic frenzy of New York City."

10. Comfort is MAJOR KEY when it comes to long trips. These dope joggers will make you feel like you're already chillin' on the couch with the game on.

12. Never lose your wallet or phone when you're on the go with the Tile Slim tracker.


This smart tracker can also be adhered to your computer or tablet so you never have to worry about misplacing your belongings. It will especially come in handy when you can't remember if you left your wallet at the gas station or if it fell between your car seats!

13. Capture your homeward journey and instantly print your memories with an Instax camera.

Traveling for the holidays can be a pain, but an easy way to keep peace of mind while on the road is to download the award-winning GEICO app!