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13 Brilliant Halloween Costumes For When You're Feeling Lazy

When it's the day of Halloween and you still don't have a costume, you get creative. It's what you do! And if you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It's what you do!

1. Strap on a hoodie and some sunglasses to become your favorite "mean girl."

Alternate option: Write "Not Penny's Boat" on your palm and lose the sunglasses. You're suddenly Charlie from Lost!

2. Transform yourself into one of your favorite emojis with items you have around the house!

3. With vampire teeth and a turtleneck, you'll make the perfect "Drake-ula."

4. Get your onesie out of the closet, draw up a fake tag, and you're a life-size Beanie Baby!

5. A plastic spider is all you need to get punny with this "spider man" costume.

6. If you're a diehard fan of John McClane, all you need is a tank top and some fake blood.

7. Pro tip: All you need to play Elliott from E.T. is a red hoodie and a shopping basket.

8. The classics never get old! Buy some novelty eyeglasses and embrace your inner Groucho Marx!

Then rewatch every one of his movies because duh.

9. For a niche television reference, wear all white like the Guilty Remnant in The Leftovers.

10. Be an adorable cartoon burglar in black-and-white stripes.

11. It's Quailman from Doug! Get nostalgic for your favorite childhood cartoon with a red tablecloth and a piece of yarn.

12. Cereal. Fake blood. Cereal killer. Nuff said.

13. Ever wanted to be a Sim? Because all you need is some paper, a headband, and some wire.

Want to be Sleeping Beauty? Just pretend to be asleep like this girl here...

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