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13 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up When You’re Crushing On Someone

New crushes are exciting and can make you feel super delightful. Here's to turning your crush into something more, like the delightful feeling you get with GEICO customer service.

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1. The realization that you "like-like" someone.

Tyler Oakley / / Via

2. When you realize you don't even know their name.

3. Or worse... when your crush is a celebrity.


We can never be... :(

4. When you do figure out their name, finding out everything you can about them on the internet.

5. Letting your friends know and making them promise NEVER TO TELL.

6. The really uncomfortable amount of time you spend thinking about your life together.

7. Actively trying to be in the same place at the same time as much as possible (without being a stalker).

8. Trying to figure out ways to talk to them without being awkward.

9. Finally getting the courage to talk to them... but you say something dumb and dwell on it for the next 48 hours.

Ben Rosen

10. Once you get past the small talk, overanalyzing every interaction ever. Especially the ones on the internet.

Will Herring

11. The all-too-real fear of rejection...

12. The heartache when they don't "like-like" you back.

Ben Rosen


Hopefully your crush becomes more than a crush! Take a tip from Maxwell.

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