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11 Genius Tips For DIYing Your Kids' Halloween Costume

Crafting the perfect costume for your kid isn’t a 15-minute project, but thankfully switching to GEICO is.

1. Measure twice, cut once!

A mother and semi-costumed daughter craft with pink fabric.

2. Iron your fabrics.

A woman irons a piece of fabric.

3. Build upon a basic.

A family dressed as boba tea.

4. Felt is your friend!

A child in a felt bug costume.

5. Always assume you'll need more materials and time.

Top down shot of a variety of sewing materials.

6. Ensure comfort is top of mind.

A young boy in a DIY astronaut costume.

7. Keep liquid stitching glue on hand.

A person uses fabric glue on a piece of material.

8. Get detailed with makeup or face paint

Two girls in costumes sit side by side with detailed face paint.

9. Coupons, coupons, coupons!

A stack of coupons with varying deals.

10. Know your model.

Two children dressed as scuba divers with mock air tanks.

11. And finally, have a sheet and some scissors on hand for emergencies if you want to throw in the towel mid-project.

A dog dressed as a ghost in a cut out sheet.

Take a break from the stress of DIYing a Halloween costume. Get a quote from GEICO and see how much you could save today!

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