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11 Food Places Everyone Knows From Going To College In Boston

From BC to MIT, Boston is a college town through and through. Let GEICO take you on a culinary journey fit for any student.

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Jim's Deli boasts a cool cafeteria-style line and a menu that includes, well, basically everything. The Texas Reuben has been getting some love on the internet, just know that they only serve it on the weekdays.

Not to be confused with an earlier "Pino" pizza spot, Pino's services the Brighton crowd. Let's put it in the words of one passionate reviewer of the joint: "When I'm on my death bed, I want a #1 from Pinos [sic] before I go."

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Anna's Taqueria got so popular that it's now a chain with six locations (spanning a few universities). The original one is still there in Coolidge Corner, and you can get anything you want, just make sure you get it super.

And if you're looking for a good spot for tea...

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