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11 Fondue Recipes That Will Make Your Holiday House Party Super Cozy

If you host a winter holiday party, you make sure everything from the decorations to the appetizers are nice and cozy. It's what you do. If you want to save money on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It's what you do.

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6. If you want something that's sweet AND savory, try this goat cheese and rosemary fondue.

11. And nothing brings people closer together than a warm skillet of s'mores.

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No need to make a fire in the freezing cold! This fondue can be enjoyed in the warmth of your home. (And maybe even the comfort of your PJs if you have a onesie-themed party.)

And if a raccoon's coming over to your party and wants something that's not a dip...we've got you covered too.

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