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DIY Etched Glassware in 15 Minutes or Less

This simple frosted glass project can be used for baby showers, weddings, or whatever you like, and it only takes 15 minutes! It's the same amount of time it'll take you to get a quote to see if you could save 15% or more on car insurance with GEICO. #GEICO15minutesorless

DIY Etched Glassware in 15 Minutes or Less


Latex gloves

Glassware for etching

Isopropyl alcohol


Painters tape

Etching Cream

Painting Sponge

Sticky Foam paper or sticky contact paper (for custom stencils)


*Wear latex gloves to protect your skin from the etching cream, avoid getting it onto skin or in your eyes.

1. Take the glassware you want to etch and thoroughly clean the surface you plan on etching with isopropyl alcohol. 

2. Once clean, place the stencils you want to etch onto the surface and adhere it so it doesn’t move. 

3. Next, cover all parts of the glass you do not want to etch with painters tape.

4. Using the painting sponge, dab and brush the etching cream thickly over the stencil and let sit for 5 minutes. 

5. Rinse off the etching cream with warm water after the 5 minutes are up. Remove the tape and stencil. 

6. The etching should be permanent and dishwasher safe!