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12 Creative Ways To Dress Like An Animal For Halloween

Dressing up like an animal is fun, and you know it! It's almost as delightful as the customer service you get from GEICO. And whether you decide to be a gecko or a camel this Halloween, have a spooktacular time!

1. Turn an old umbrella into something delightfully batty!

2. Turn a cardboard box into a croc. (And not the shoes!)

3. If you've got a clear umbrella, be a jellyfish!

4. What does the fox say? ("Recycle your cardboard!")

5. Want to be an owl? Hedwig, perhaps? Get creative with some felt!

6. Hoodies can be turned into excellent dinosaur costumes.

7. Got a paper bag "lion" around? You can be a lion!

8. Cut out some cardboard and spray paint it silver, and you can be a hammerhead shark!

9. If you have clothespins lying around, you could easily be a hedgehog!

10. If you're good with makeup, try being a zebra!

11. Got a knack for knitting and an extra pillow? A pig is what you can be!

12. If you want to try a group costume, try being a camel!

Then you can run around and ask people what day it is.

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