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11 Cheap And Free Ways To Easily Upgrade Your Phone

Who says you can't teach an old phone new tricks? Follow these tips to make your old phone like new again. Another way you could save money? Switch to GEICO and see how much you could save.

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1. Upgrade your camera with these clip-on lenses.

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Looking to up your social media game? Take amazing pictures with a set of clip-on lenses. Included are fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses to transform your phone camera into a DSLR.

2. Add more storage to your phone with a wireless media hub.

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You don't need a brand-new phone to get more storage! A wireless media hub will sit right in your pocket, allowing you to add as much as you need!

3. Download a new launcher app on your Android phone.

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There are many apps for Android that allow you to download new launchers for a completely new look. Still feeling nostalgic for your old Blackberry? Download their launcher to get the look on your phone!

4. Revitalize your iPhone speakers by pumping up the volume.

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Looking to give your playlist an extra punch? Simply go into settings, select music, EQ, and then "late night." Try it the next time you have some friends over and hear the difference.

5. Get a cute handle/kickstand so you never drop your phone.

No one likes a cracked screen. Get a better handle on your phone with this cute little device. Plus, it's totally customizable. Make one to match your case!

6. Clean out your iPhone's RAM to make it run like new.

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This is way easier than it sounds. Just hold down the power button until the "slide to power off" option appears, release the power button, and then hold down the home button for five seconds. That's it: You're a certified tech genius!

8. Use baking soda on an old screen to remove scratches.

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Did you know you could use baking soda to remove scratches from your screen? Just mix with a little water, give the scratch a little scrub, and your phone will be looking like new in no time.

10. Use custom widgets on your Android to update your home screen.

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Download an app like Beautiful Widgets to create unique widgets that are easily accessible from your home screen. The app allows for maximum customizability so you can be super creative. Make your phone as pretty as you are!

Enjoy your ~new phone~. Want another cool, free way to charge your phone faster? Watch this video from GEICO.

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