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Can You Spot Ice-T In These Pictures Of Iced Tea?

This is important, especially if you're drinking #LemonadeNotIceT.

1. Let's start off easy... Can you find Ice-T in this picture of iced tea?

2. How about now?

3. He's definitely hiding in here somewhere...

4. Sometimes he just ~spies~ on the iced tea (that's a hint!)...

5. In fact, he can get reaaal sneaky...

6. And then, suddenly, he'll just pop up out of nowhere!

7. He is the watcher of the iced tea.

8. Sometimes, he is very smol...

9. ...and sometimes you can't miss him!

10. Because wherever there is iced tea, Ice-T is also there.

Iced tea images from Thinkstock. Ice-T images courtesy of GEICO.

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